you set the tone
alfie says

Um. So we have come to the end of an era...

Okay no that's super dramatic and not me. For now, I'm gone. For my physical and mental health, I've left tumblr and this blog, this page, is closed to the public.

Thank you to all the lovely people I've met, all the amazing fandoms (the Galaxy Defenders, the Whovians, the Hutcherwives to name some!) I've been a part of. I love you crazy motherfuckers more than I love chocolate. That's a lot of fucking love right there.

um yeah. until further notice, you can find me via my twitter -> @alfiekay <- I'm not always online but I do get text updates so I'll know when someone's trying to get in contact with me. That's all folks. Stay cripsy or frosty or whatever it is people say these days. Love you!

- Alfie

thanks for the code kirtsten!